Best Juicer Australia

by Jenny Asturias

Are you looking for the best juicer Australia? If you are, then you need to check out These guys are based in Australia, but their juicers are made in Korea. Coway makes their juicers and Andatech does the distribution. Enough about the company, how do these guys stack up against the rest?

Is Juicepresso the Best Juicer Australia?

As of right now, they are the only Juicer in Australia that I know of. So, if you have no competition, then its a done deal, right? Not so fast… let’s take a look at the way they juice.

JuicePresso Juicers

JuicePresso uses a system that they call SES. SES stands for Smart Extraction System. It also features low speed juicing, which is important to maintain the nutrients and enzymes in the juice. It can be used as wheat grass juicer also. Since it is a slow juicer, it is quiet. Clean up is a snap, as you only need to rinse it with water after you finish. They also feature a auto-eject system for their pulp.

If you are in Australia, you should check out the juicers that JuicePresso makes. The could be the Best Juicer Australia!

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