Can you use a blender as a juicer?

by Jenny Asturias

Are you unsure about the Juicer movement? Are you afraid that you will purchase an expensive juicer and only use it a few times? These are all common fears that most of us have before we make a purchase. Nothing is worse than buying something, and only using it a few times. One way you can avoid this is by using a blender as a juicer.

How does one use a blender as a juicer?

First you need to pick some fruit or vegetable that is easy to chop or grind up in your juicer. If it is a hard vegetable, like carrots, then you need to cut them up into smaller pieces before you place them into the blender.

Next, place the produce into the blender, and let it chop it up. Once it breaks the fruit or vegetable down into smaller pieces, then you can stop.

Take the blender, and pour out the contents through a strainer. If you have a large amount of “wet pulp” you will want to push on it to get all the juice out. With a blender, you are not going to get all of the juice out. This method is good for those who want to “try before they buy”.

A blender is great for making smoothies

This is where the blender really shines. Using it as a juicer is hard work. Make sure you check out our juice recipes, as most of them cover smoothies, and how to make the best smoothie.

Blender & Juicer In One?

Yes, there are a few models out there that make this task very easy. Breville makes an “all in one” model that can get the job done. This way you can juice, or blend, and make a yummy smoothie!

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