Dualit Juicer Review

by Jenny Asturias

Have you heard of Dualit? They are a company located “across the pond” (if you are an American) in the UK. You can read about the Dualit Company and their history by visiting the Dualit Website.

Dualit makes a lot of household appliances, toasters, coffee makers, catering equipment, and…. Juicers! Of course, as we are going to focus on juicers, (c’mon this is not coffee maker reviews!). How do their juicers compare to the other juicers on the market?

Dualit Juicer Review

Ok, to start with, Dualit has one model. This makes it easy, as you will not get confused with the different types. The Dualit Juicer has the following features:

  1. Large Feeding Tube, that will accommodate large fruit, or pieces of fruit.
  2. Stainless Steel Cutting Blade.
  3. Dishwasher safe parts for easy clean up.
  4. Double filter mesh system that will keeps down foam.

Dualit Juicer Review – My Take

The Dualit Website does not have a lot of information about it. I cannot determine the RPM’s of this centrifugal juicer. It looks very similar to a Breville. It does seem to have a good price, right around £120. Some consumers really like the product and compared it to other juicers they have purchased for much more (around £200 to £300). Most consumer comments focus on the high level of quality that they get from Dualit (not just the juicers, but the other products they make).

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