Edwin By Natalia Coll, A Very Simple Juicer

by Jenny Asturias

Are you looking for a simple juicer? If so, you need to check out the Edwin By Natalia Coll. This juicer is very simple, yet elegant in its own way. Here is a video of its features:

Edwin from Natalia Coll on Vimeo.

It has a simplistic look, with the wooden base. The best part is that all the materials (that it is made of) are sustainable. This juicer rocks! It is made of two elements. Wood and ceramic.

If you have a modern, contemporary kitchen, this juicer is for you. I would use it for making Orange Juice. This juicer would be in addition to your other juicers.

I would use this for cocktail parties, where you are going to make some Tequila Sunrise’s or other Orange Juice based drinks. It is perfect for that.

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