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by Jenny Asturias

Green Star Elite

Green Star Elite GSE-5000

Latest high tech juicer from the Green Star Elite is the Elite model of GSE-5000. This model is the ultimate juicer for lovers of juice. This model has a 3 stage gear of jumbo which truly wrings the maximum quantity from every leaf of spinach or blade of wheatgrass. This juicer has originally two stages. And also has third extraction stage which is the next generation of juicing. Click here for the best price on a Green Star GSE-5000 Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor

The first stage is crushing in which the produce enters the stainless steel portion of twin gears and the crushing and mastication breaks apart the membranes of cell so as to extract the juice. The second stage involves the job of mixing and rubbing. It involves passing the produce through the first portion of screw. Then it is completely mixed and rubbed together in order to open the cell membranes. This new process is only available with the twin gears of Green Star Elite.

The third and final stage is the squeezing stage. In this stage you ought to apply extra pressure on the produce to increase the number of cell membranes. It has bio-magnetic technology, which is fixed in gears to optimize stability and quality. This technology allows you to pull more minerals into the juice which enhances the amount of nutrients in the juice. It is the latest evolution in the fear of twin gear juicer. It has a rotation speed of 110 RPM, which is very low. It has a motor of 200 watts which prevents heat and oxidation from harmful nutrients and enzymes.

Elite Model of Green Star Elite

Therefore the juice is tasty, very nutritious and can be stored for longer periods of time. The components of this juicer like housing of twin gear, outlet casing are much lighter than its predecessors. The juicing parts are resistant to heat and can be used in dish washers. Cleaning up this elite model of Green Star Elite is very easy due to its latch system. It makes cleaning and assembling fast and easy. The green star elite is safe due to the system of safety switch which disables the operation till the machine is fully assembled. The top portion of this juicer is removed in order to access the moving parts. Upon lifting once, it automatically turns off.

Through various plug types, this system has been simplified. It has its detachable cord of power. It can be used for making vegetable juice, fruit juice or wheatgrass juice. You can also use it for various purposes like mincing, chopping, grinding and almond milk. You can also extract the juice from carrots, parsley, orange, cucumber, ginger, sprouts and other leafy green vegetables. It can also extract aloe Vera and needles of pine.

The low speed of the juicer safeguards flavors and nutritional content, which are normally destroyed by oxidation and heat. Above that you can also make pasta, fresh baby food or frozen Desserts. This juicer has a sleek design which can match with any counter of kitchen thus complimenting your style and design. It is also facilitated by a locking mechanism, which gives optimum convenience and the easiest way to assemble and dissemble the machine.

Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Juice

Click here for the best price on a Green Star Elite GSE-5000 Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor

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