Enjoy various types of juices through Omega VRT350

by Jenny Asturias

Omega VRT350Omega has launched a new single auger juicer which bears heavy duty. Omega VRT350 attributes to all these qualities. It has a low speed of 80 RPM which contributes in making up of heat and thus oxidizing it. It also promotes healthy enzymes and bears lasting juices. It is specially considered and manufactured for health cognizant individuals. These individuals want a good variety in their daily routine.

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This juicer of Omega VRT350 bears the ability to get the juice of everything that has wheat grass, leafy greens and other fruits or vegetables. According to our tests, it is one of the most stylish single auger juices till date. It has the horizontal design of single auger and carries one step further. It comes in the category of ultem screen. That is why it has heavy duty. Screen of Ulteem is 8 times stronger as compared to screen of normal plastic. It comes in black and silver accents. It is regarded as best for every person who wants to take juice daily.

Omega VRT350 HD Facilitates

This juicer of Omega VRT350 HD facilitates any person to get the maximum quantity and other nutrients from any type of vegetable or fruit. It is economical as it gives maximum juice with minimum produce. Skins and peels can be used in jams, cookie and cakes. It also reduces the noise through slow squeeze instead of high speed grinding such as centrifugal juicers. The 8x auger is manufactured by Ultem material. It has a warranty of 10 years. In simple words, it assures you that it is simply built to last. And there is no requirement of purchasing an extended warranty.

It has the extraction of masticating built by single gear. It has a motor which chews the fibers of plant and penetrates the membranes in order to extract enzymes, vitamins and other useful minerals. It can result in making pulpier juice as compared to other juicers. The single gear gives less foam as compared to double gears. It has a technique of continuous juicing through which pulp is ejected into a pulp container which allows for regular juicing. No heat is risen which indirectly results into a healthy juice.

It has a horse power of 2 which is equivalent to the reduction of gear. It has a motor of single phase of induction type. It is 20 pounds in weight. It is very easy to assemble, clean and operate. The process of cleaning is very simple. You can simply pour water by self cleaning the juicer when changing to other fruit or leafy green vegetables. It thus saves more time. It has a dual stage single juicer with fewer requirements in comparison to other single juicers of auger.

It has an inbuilt system of wiping which is automatic. This juicer uses a blade of silicon wiping. It has a blade for wiping which clears the excessive pulp in order to yield a higher yield. It is easier to clean the screen. Various accessories are tamper, brush and bowl with plug of attached extraction and coarse screen.

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