Jack Lalanne Juicer

by Jenny Asturias

Have you seen the Jack Lalanne Juicer? I am sure that you have. Jack Lalanne has been making them for years. The official website for the Jack Lalanne Juicer is here.

Should you consider a Jack Lalanne Juicer?

This all depends on what you are looking to accomplish with your juicing. The Jack Lalanne Juicer is a centrifugal juicer. A centrifugal juicer is one of the least expensive types of juicers on the market. But they do have some downsides. They do not last as long, and they heat up the juice more than other types of juicers.

Jack does make a good juicer, and he sells a lot of them. Something has to be said about that. If many people are buying them, that is a good thing.

Jack Lalanne Juicer History

The Jack Lalanne Juicer has been around since 2005. Before that, Jack had the Juice Tiger. He was a very amazing man that achieved a lot in his 96 years. You can read more about him on his Wikipedia page.

Where should you go to get the best Jack Lalanne Juicer Reviews?

Right here! We have the best reviews on Jack’s current models. Currently he has 4 models that range in price from $100 to $150. If you are looking to get into juicing, these models are a great way to start. Jack said it best:

“That’s the power of the juice!” – Jack Lalanne

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