Juicers, which type should you get?

by Jenny Asturias

There are many different types of juicers out on the market. They all are very similar, but not all of them are the same. There are some features you want, if you are going to do some specific type of juicing.

Wheatgrass Juicers

These types of juicers are relatively new to the market. You could use a standard type of juicer to extract juice from wheat grass, but due to its popularity, there are many specific wheatgrass juicers out there now. What makes these different than a regular juicer?

These juicers usually are small and compact. They are very inexpensive than a standard full size juicer. Most juicers can handle leafy greens like wheat-grass. I would recommend a slow juicer, or masticating juicer. As these do not heat up the juice, which is important when you are making wheatgrass juice. You can get one in electric or manual. It is nice having a small manual juicer, that you can use if and when you go camping, or want to juice when you are in a place without power.

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Masticating Juicers

A masticating juicer is often referred to as a slow juicer or auger. This is the one that I prefer. When you juice by crushing the fruit or vegetable slowly, it does not heat it up. You preserve the enzymes, minerals, and vitamins, without damaging them. You also get more juice out of your produce. This is important if you are buying organic produce, as it is more expensive than non-organic. Most masticating juicers are great for juicing wheatgrass.

Another benefit is that they tend to last longer. Just like a car engine, if you operate at lower RPM’s, and keep the engine cool, it will last a lot longer. These slow juicers are great for that.

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Triturating Twin Gear Juicers

This juicer is the best one of the bunch. It is also the most expensive. The triturating style of juicer forces the fruit or vegetable through two gears that rotate very slowly (compared to the other styles) and it squeezes out all of the juice and nutrients that is contained in the produce. You get all of the goodies out of the fruit and vegetable.

There is a downside. This juicer is hard to clean, as you need to remove the twin gears and clean it very well. But, it does not make much foam and the juice stays nice and cool. The pulp created by this juicer is very dry. It makes great compost.

The other benefit is that it is very quiet when compared to other juicers. If noise is an issue, then you should look at a twin gear juicer.

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Centrifugal Juicers

The Centrifugal Juicer is the most common style of juicer. They usually consist of a grinding blade that spins around a axis. You feed in your produce through a chute and push it onto the grinding blade. Then the small chunks are thrown against the side screens that allow the juice to “spin” out. The juice collects around the edges and drains through a spout into a cup.

If you are shopping in your local mall or department store, you will see a lot of these types of juicers. If you are starting out, these are a good choice, as they are lower priced than the other types of juicers.

There are downsides with this type of juicer. The fast RPM’s will heat up the juice and destroy some of the nutrients. They also create a lot of foam. When you clean them out, you will notice that the pulp is still wet. You will go through more produce with a centrifugal juicer.

The other downside is that the juice does not last as long. With all the spinning and the high RPM’s, oxygen gets mixed in at a high rate. This causes the juice to break down very quickly. I would recommend that you drink any juice that you make this way within a few hours. I would not let it sit over night. If you want to store your juice, you should consider a twin gear juicer, or a masticating juicer.

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Now that you know more about the different styles of Juicers, you will want to read some Juicer Reviews!

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