Popular Masticating Juicers

by Jenny Asturias

The Masticating juicer has been introduced in the market at later stage to provide more juice even from difficult fruits and vegetables like carrot, spinach, leafy greens, herbs, wheatgrass etc. they differ from centrifugal juicers as they have only one augur or gear to compact and crash the produce into smaller sections. This produce is passed through a static screen to get juice and pulp is expelled through separate outlet.

The Masticating Type Juicer is small in size and therefore takes less space in storage. They are lighter and easier to move, easy to clean and quieter in operation as they work on slow speeds of 80 to 100 R.P.M. Better performance and juice yield compensates the higher costs which are in ranges of $ 300. Well designed Twin gear models with higher yields and more stages in extraction are in the range of $500.

Major nutritious advantage of these juicers is that the juice extracted by them is not hot as they operate on low speed. It helps in having more shelf life and maintaining its nutritional value because no damage is done to enzymes by heat. Masticating juicer has roughly 20% to 30% more yield giving driest pulp. One can save a lot of money by using lesser fruits and vegetables for extracting juice and thereby compensating the higher costs.

If someone needs organic healthy foods in routine then this type of juicer is the best choice as it can work as food processor for a number of products as peanut butter, baby food, banana ice creams, sauces, pates, fruit sorbets, rice cake and many more. They ultimately crush fibers and break up plant cells to provide more vitamins, trace minerals, enzymes, fibers etc to body.

The major trusted and reliable brands available in market with latest models are Omega, Champion Masticating Juicers, Hurom, Kuvings, Tribest, Breville Juicer, Samson and Lexen Electric Healthy Juicer. Check their prices and features before entering in a deal of purchase. A large number of trusted models are displayed on various commercial websites with specifications and price tag. Add the choicest one in shopping cart after a cool selection as per your requirement and availability of finances.

Find and discover the best juicer for self keeping in view your own requirements. Top quality juicers are available in the market and reviews on them on trusted websites help to know their important and valuable features along with the modernization and up gradations done in their designs. Trust only independent reviews done by customers and experts as guide in purchasing a dream juicer for healthy living.

Use low speed Masticating juicer from trusted brands for durability and ease in operation. Maintain a better lifestyle in healthier environment with amazing products because the use of juicers helps to consume more raw materials in the body and eliminates the solid produce.

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