Super Angel Juicer Vs. Omega VRT350

by Jenny Asturias

Super Angel JuicerThe Super Angel Juicer is the world’s only twin gear juicer that is made up of stainless steel. The juicer is trustworthy and completely trouble free and lasts for a lifetime. The juicer is also easy to operate and clean. The juicer is made completely of stainless steel and doesn’t contain any harmful plastic toxics. Super Angel Juicer has a heavy body and heavy duty parts. The juicer is simple and extremely durable with no parts that are breakable.

The juicer operates with 82RPM for nutrients and live enzymes and a powerful gear grinding force of 3 hp. If one compares the Super angel juicer with other juicers present in the market today and it takes out around 20-30% more juice and one can save a considerable amount of money from buying produce. The juicer works well with fruits, leafy green and vegetables. The juicer weighs around 20lbs and is less heavy and can be carried around easily. The juicer also comes with a warranty of ten years and extracting screen warranty of five years. The customer also gets a new glass jar for collecting fresh juice. The quality of juicer is far superior as compared to other brand juicers.

The juicer also claims that no metal shaving would be found even after normal usage of juicer. In case of appearance of any shaving there would be a full refund or replacement. With the help of constant innovation and quality control the Super angel juicer has become the best in class.

Another juicer on the block is the Omega VRT350. The low speed of the juicer results in minimum build up of heat and promotes healthy enzymes that makes the juice last long. The juicer has the ability to take juice from leafy greens, wheat grass, vegetables and fruits too. The USP of the Omega VRT350 is the horizontal auger single design. The ultem screen is around eight times strong than the usual plastic screen that is found in other juicers.

Omega VRT350The juice comes out of dual stage juicing because of which extra juice can be extracted and the pulp is completely dry. It is the world’s first juicer that comes with automatic wiping system that ensures that the juicing screen stays clean of any excess pulp and generates high yield. Thus the juicer proves to be quite economical with high quality juice filled with antioxidants, superior flavor and fresher juice. There is no foaming or frothing in the juice.

The Omega VRT350 self cleans just by simply pouring water and saves a lot of time. The juicer also has a patented screw made up of ultimo material from GE. It is eight time stronger than the augers present in the other juicers. The juicer works silently by squeezing the noise and doesn’t grind like others. The juicer also comes with a warranty of ten years and also comes with various accessories.

It is upon the needs of the customers and fulfillment of wants that helps the customer in deciding which juicer they choose to buy.

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