Why should you get a Juicer?

by Jenny Asturias

There are many reasons why one should get a juicer. Here are a few of them in no particular order:

  1. Proven health benefits from eating fresh fruits and vegetables that have not been cooked or processed.  When a vegetable or fruit is cooked, or heated up to a certain level, some of the vitamins are lost.  If you are always consuming processed foods, you are not getting all of the value of the food.
  2. Orange juice comes in a glass, plastic, or paper container.  The glass containers are ideal, but not very many juice manufacturers ship it in glass.  The plastic containers have a known issue.  The plastic leeches into the orange juice, and you consume it.  These plastics are linked to all types of cancer.  Paper containers are coated with wax.  Most of the commercial waxes have the same issue as the plastic containers.  You run an elevated risk of getting cancer.  If you juice your own oranges, then you eliminate that risk.
  3. You can make soups, dips, or any type of blended drinks with a dual purpose device, like the Breville Juice and Blend or equivalent.  This also eliminates the need for more processed foods in your life.  Make more of the foods you consume on a daily basis from healthy unprocessed foods.

A juicer will save you time

Finally, if you value your time, you will want to get a juicer. If you were to go somewhere to get the same quality juice, you would have to travel far. Most cities do not have easy access to organic fruit and a juice bar. In my town, there are a few places you can get fresh juice, but they do not open early. They also are not open late. I like to juice early in the morning, so it would not work for me to go and get their juice. Also, the time it would take me to drive to their establishment is more time that it would take me to make it myself. Juicing is a lifestyle, and it is worth it.

Which Juicer Is The Best One For You?

There are many different makes and models. It really depends on your needs. Here is a great post on it: Five Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Juicer

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