Wonderful Super Angel Juicer

by Jenny Asturias

super angel juicerA wonderful product from renowned and trusted manufacturer has been brought out for health conscious customers who believe in quality and richness of the juice. What a wonderful fragrance comes out of the extracted juice! Super Angel Juicer, the only twin gear stainless steel juicer, provides more juice in quantity as compared to centrifugal high speed juicers. It is worth investing the money.

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Available in high quality food grade stainless steel body to keep away the toxics of plastics, it provides 20 to 30% more juice. It has whispering sound during operation, easy to use and easy in cleaning and leaves dry pulp after maximum squeezing. Extraction of dark flavored juice resembling with natural smell gives complete satisfaction. It is a perfect juicer for leafy greens, vegetables, fruits and many more items.

The product is quite handy with a weight of roughly 30 pounds. It is quite reliable throughout its life time because of heavy duty unbreakable parts and body. Though it is provided with 10 year warranty, including 5 year warranty for extracting screens, it is trouble free almost the whole life. The best part of its features is that it has a 3H.P. gear grinding force and only 82 R.P.M. speeds. This low speed does not heat up the juice, thus saving its enzymes and nutrition value and provides strong fibrous juice.

Assembly and disassembly of parts is very easy. Three stage twin gear system and three stage filtering screen systems increase the yield of juice to even 30%. Same arrangement of screens is followed for fruits and vegetables, so it is not required to change the screens for them every time.

One added advantage is impeller press system of twin gears which provides continuous juicing and thus helping in getting better yield. Useful devices like Fan cooling and automatic thermostat helps in protecting against overheating of motor. Reverse action switch helps in keeping away the blockages from overloading or jamming.

The process of juicing is quite hygienic as most of the toxics and agricultural chemicals of the raw materials are removed by the juicer itself. Juicing is quite wide ranging from apples, carrots to pine needles, wheat grass etc. Safety devices like extra rocker switch, reinforcement of switch panel, screen housing, internal gear protection, double protection for motor and main housing unit and automatic heat sensor make Super Angel Juicer is a very durable and safe product to use.

Versatility in use apart from juicing action gives the product an upper hand to use as a Food processor. It helps in Soy milk juicing, making Tofu, frozen fruit sorbets, pea or nut butters, grinding beans or grains and so many other kitchen functions in daily routine.

Absolute guarantee from manufacturers that gears will never show marks of metal shaving makes them the perfect twin gear system. These wonderful features make Super Angel Juicer an unparalleled product which can be used blindly for best results. Though costly as compared to other products but less consumption of material to gain more juice, compensates the cost effect.

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