American Harvester Double Tub Cider Press

by Jenny Asturias

Nothing is better than a hot cup of apple cider on a cold day. With the American Harvester Double Tub Cider Press, you are going to get that! With all of the issues of pesticides and non organic farming techniques, how does one make sure that they are getting the highest quality of food for their families? The best way to ensure that you get quality food is by making it yourself.

cider pressThe American Harvester Double Tub Cider Press is very rugged, and you can make up to 50 gallons of apple cider in 4 to 6 hours. The frame of the press is made of laminated hardwood, and it comes unfinished. After you get it, you need to put it together, and apply a finish to the exposed wood. They recommend that you finish it with a lacquer, varnish, or epoxy coating. All of the parts are heavy duty, from the 5 1/2″ grinder, to the 1 1/2″ press screw. This cider press was built to last.

You do not have to cut up the apples at all. You throw them into the tubs, and then apply the press. The blades on the grinder will cut up the apples in seconds. You will end up with very dry pulp. That is why you need to use organic apples, and make sure that you clean them very well prior to pressing them.

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