Black & Decker CJ625 30-Watt 34-Ounce Citrus Juicer

by Jenny Asturias

Is This Citrus Juicer Worth It?

Should you get the Black & Decker CJ625 30-Watt 34-Ounce Citrus Juicer? This juicer is very inexpensive, and if you shop around, you can get it for under $20 dollars. Why should you consider this model by Black & Decker?

Features Of This Citrus Juicer

This citrus juicer has a 34 oz container, which will hold enough for several glasses of juice. The 30 watt motor with auto reverse will help you yield the most juice that you can out of your citrus fruit.

It does have a 1 year warranty, so if you have any problems, you can get them taken care of. The strainer will keep the seeds out of your juice.

Juicer Review Of This Citrus Juicer

Many users feel that they “got their moneys worth” when they purchased this citrus juicer. It is very reasonable, but it is only for light duty juicing. If you plan on juicing large quantities of citrus juice, or juicing on a daily basis, you should look at another model. This one will not last. Users that used this juicer for large batches, noted that the juicer heated up during use. If you are looking for an citrus juicer to use every now and then, and you do not want to spend over $20 dollars, then this is your model.

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