Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer

by Jenny Asturias

For healthy living, juice extractors or juicers are important in every household. With that said, it is not only important to get one but also to get the right one for you. Breville undoubtedly has one of the best juicers in the market currently, and this is the Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush Masticating Slow Juicer.

This kitchen appliance works on just about any vegetable and fruit exceptionally well and better than most, being a slow and masticating juicer. From carrots to oranges, this amazing juicer facilitates maximum yields and results by slowly crushing and squeezing the fruit or vegetable. This distinguishes it from most juicers as shredding is not part of what it does which is what most juicers in the market do.

The high level of technology used in this powerful machine is meant to ensure that the produce is of high quality. The masticating process is to ensure that your drink is not very pulpy and smooth at the same time. The slow process of crushing and squeezing goes a long way in ensuring that your drink is high in nutrients by extracting more of the fiber and less of froth.

By just looking at it, one can see that a lot of research and thought was put into it to ensure that the user experience is as easy and safe as possible. This distinguishing element of the Breville juicer from other juicers is the unique technological features used such as the safe start system which requires the user to lock all parts before it starts, making it a less messy affair.

Another exclusive feature that the Breville boasts of is the overload protection system which stops the machine from operating automatically if the load is too high. The direction control is also a unique feature which lets you reverse the screw in the case of jamming. Even though the it is powered by a quite powerful motor, the machine is very quiet making it ideal for use anytime of the day or night.

It is a well known fact that in the kitchen, if an appliance is complicated then it is of no value. This includes cleaning it which works well for the Breville juicer. The juicer comes with a filter cleaning brush which makes the cleaning process the easiest of tasks. To allow easier cleaning, one can also add a cup or two of water in the feeding chute while the machine is still in operation to allow cleaning without having to disassemble it.

The parts are well designed to enhance the simplicity and they include a food hopper with lid, a feed chute, an auto purifying filter basket, a juicing jug to hold the extracted juice and a specific pulp bin to hold pulp. Generally, the Breville BJS600XL juicer has all the right qualities of a perfect juicer for healthy living.

If the numerous reviews and accolades it has received are anything to go by, this machine is the ideal appliance for the modern kitchen. One can hardly find a fault in this amazing product by Breville, from the elegant finish to the innovations it wields. A good juicer should always be reliable and convenient which is what the Breville juicer offers and the guarantee lies in the 10 year motor warranty. It is definitely a good buy.

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