Five Things to Consider When Shopping for the Best Juicer

by Jenny Asturias

With all the health benefits that juicing brings, it is high time that people decided to purchase a juicer and reap the rewards of maintaining a healthy diet. However, picking the best juicer to fit your needs is the most crucial step. Consider purchasing a masticating juicer for your personal use. A masticating juicer uses a single auger to crush or compact fruits and vegetables into smaller pieces. This makes it more efficient at squeezing out juice than other types of juicers. It yields a higher amount of finished product and although it is slower, it can juice leafy greens better.

Before buying one on impulse, it would be wise if one were to consider his or her needs and look through masticating juicer reviews for ideas. Here are some things that should be considered before buying a masticating juicer.

Longer Shelf Life

Masticating juicers work slowly than centrifugal juicers. The single auger works at an average of 80 to 100 RPM, in comparison to centrifugal juicers that turn at roughly 10,000 to 15,000 RPMs. The slow process is a guarantee that less heat is created. It assures the longevity of the finished product and makes it perfect for individuals who don’t want their juices to go bad quickly.

Higher Yield

The masticating juicer crushes the fruits and vegetables into small pieces so as to squeeze out every last drop of juice. This means that you will enjoy a higher yield of the finished product. Drier pulp will signify that it is effective. Some juicers work at a faster rate and yet are unable to squeeze out enough of fruit or vegetable. You may choose to examine various masticating juicer reviews in an effort to find one that produces a greater yield.

Ability to Juice Leafy Greens

Since leafy greens are used for detox, it is important to find a juicer that is equipped to handle varieties like wheatgrass, lemon grass and kale. If you were to purchase a juicer that cannot break down the cellular structure of hard fruits and vegetables, you would have wasted your time and money.

Heat Production

Since the masticating juicer makes use of lesser heat, the finished product will have a higher nutritional content than the standard juicer. Therefore, slow juicers make better yield, in comparison to those that work at a faster pace. Consider that when you window shop for a juicer.


Consider the durability of the device as you may be using it for most of your meals. It would make better sense to purchase a pricey juicer that is assured to last longer than to settle for a low-cost version that will break down in less than a year. The best juicer will always be the most durable one.

If you are looking for the best juicer to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle, it is important to browse through masticating juicer reviews first. This will help motivate you to invest in one as it performs better than all the other types. Consider this as a sound investment for your health.

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