Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer Review

by Jenny Asturias

One of the most well known juicers in the market today is the Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer. It was designed with commercial usage in mind; however, this appliance is also recommended for people who want to buy a juicer for personal use but want restaurant-quality juices. If you are interested in buying this particular model, then this juicer review can certainly help you decide.


Most of the important features of the Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer highlight its usage in commercial establishments.

• Many juicer reviews for this model tend to highlight its ETL sanitation certification, and for good reason. This certification guarantees that the product complies with stringent North American standards for commercial use and product safety.

• Its power and design makes it highly suitable for continuous use, which makes it very appropriate for restaurants and bars.

• It is very easy to assemble and disassemble, which makes cleaning very convenient.

• It has three sizes of juicing cones so that it can fit just about any citrus fruit.

• It has non-slip Omega Juicer Feet for greater stability.

• It comes with a convenient splashguard, along with a Surgical Stainless Steel Bowl and Pulp Strainer.

• It comes with a modern and sleek chrome finish.


• One thing that truly attracts buyers to the Omega C-20C is the price. Its price is comparable to other models designed only for home use. In some websites, it is even less expensive than other models.

• It can be used all day, every day with no problems.

• The chrome finish makes an attractive item to display for any commercial establishment, compared to the plastic look of other models.

• The ETL certification guarantees that the model complies with very high production standards.

• Cleaning is not a problem with this model. There are very few parts to clean, and the assembly and disassembly takes very little effort and time. The stainless steel parts can be cleaned by a dishwasher, and the plastic components can be placed on the top rack of a dishwasher.

• It is very easy to use. You just need to flip the switch, and that’s all it takes to get maximum juice extraction.


Every juicer review need to list down the elements that may not be truly beneficial for the user, and this Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer review is no exception.

• The warranty is only for a year.

• The detachable parts should be hand washed with mild detergent. (But come to think of it, this is not really a drawback.)

What Customers Are Saying About the Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer

Most buyers of the Omega C-20C are restaurant owners and bar managers, and just about all of them have positive things to say about this juicer. There are also those who have bought the Omega C-20C for home use and they have reported no problems at all.

Should You Buy the Omega C-20C Professional Citrus Juicer?

If you want a high quality juicer without having to pay a fortune for it, then this product is definitely for you. Everything about this juicer is easy: it is easy to assemble, use, and clean, and the price is easy on the pocket too. No doubt, this will be a great addition to your kitchen appliances or even to your establishment.

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