Pros and Cons of Buying a Green Star Juicer

by Jenny Asturias

If you are looking for a quality masticating juicer that can perform better and last longer than most, consider purchasing a Green Star juicer. In fact, the Green Star GSE-5000 Elite Jumbo Twin Gear Juice Extractor is the best there is, in the market today. This is an updated model that comes with extra features for a more efficient and productive juicing experience. This juicer comes with amazing jumbo twin gears that helps shorten your juicing time without compromising the yield of the finished product. The juicing process of this unit ups the ante by juicing at 3 stages to squeeze out as much of the fruits and vegetables as possible.

Green Star Elite Juicer GSE-5000 Pros

Juices Hard Herbs and Leafy Greens—If you are a juice enthusiast who is stuck with a juicer that cannot juice your favorite leafy greens, you will love the Green Star Elite Juicer GSE-5000. It has no problem squeezing out every last drop from leafy greens with hard cellular structures. With this superb kitchen device, you will be able to juice wheatgrass, mint and even basil.

High Yield with Better Nutritional Value—The Green Star Elite Juicer GSE-5000 uses a 3 stage juicing process that involves crushing, mixing and pressing, thanks to the jumbo twin gears. This helps maximize the yield of each batch with a less amount of foam. You end up with juice that can be stored for a longer span of time with a higher nutritional value. The mixing stage alternates with crushing and pressing to ensure that every bit of healthy goodness is released from the pulp.

Improved Safety—If you have children around the house, the Green Star Elite Juicer GSE-5000 is the best juicer for you. It has a safety mechanism that automatically turns the device off once the hood is removed. With this child-safe device, you will be able to teach your little ones how to juice without having to worry about their safety.

Easy To Clean—Since it has few working components, the Green Star Elite Juicer GSE-5000, is by far one of the easiest juicers to clean. In the past, you might have spent an hour cleaning your juicer but you won’t have to worry about it with this model. The hood allows you to remove the other parts and dry them without having to disassemble most of the parts. Choose this juicer if you wish to minimize cleaning time without having to compromise the finished product.

Cons of The Green Star Elite Juicer GSE-5000

The Price—This juicer is slightly pricey. However, one should note that its durability and performance are well worth the price tag. Consider this a healthy investment as it is definitely built to last.

Juicing is a healthy snack alternative that you should consider, especially if you have children. By introducing them to juicing at a young age, their immune system will be able to ward off a lot of dreaded diseases and improve their quality of life. Invest in a Green Star juicer today, preferably the Green Star Elite Juicer.

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