Super Angel Juicer vs Green Star Elite

by Jenny Asturias

Juices are an essential part of healthy living. One look at the market today and you’ll find an assortment of juicers available. Some are simple and will require you to do a lot of manual work while others are completely automated juicer machines that can open up business opportunities and make juicing so much easier to do. Out of all the juicers in the market today, the Super Angel Juicer and the Green Star Elite are the cream of the crop. So which one is better?


The rig you get from Green Star is definitely one to beat. It features a good combination of plastic and stainless steel. It also utilizes a new clamping system for its motor parts, giving it a vast improvement over the screw-on parts of older models. Now for the Super Angel juicer, you get everything rendered in stainless steel. This is a vast improvement as well because it means the product is several times more durable, and stainless steel is also easier to clean. With fewer parts to handle, the Super Angel Juicer is the better choice when it comes to structural design but the Green Star Elite doesn’t lag far too behind either.

Juicing Efficiency

The Green Star juicer will require you to change juicing screens every now and then but it is conveniently designed so you can accomplish this quickly and safely. This is a really good choice if you need to juice several fruits in one sitting. However the Super Angel slightly triumphs in this aspect because it features an all-in-one three stage juicing screen that can handle everything you throw into the juicer. You won’t have to stop your juicing just to change screens. It may not seem like a big difference but if you are juicing a dozen fruits a day then the time it saves can quickly add up. Still, the new Elite model of Green Star product line makes for tough competition especially because there is a new front adjustment knob that can help switch screens much quicker and easier.


This is where the Super Angel gets a major knock down. No matter where you look online the Super Angel will cost you over $1,100. That’s a lot of money for a juicer but again, if you know you’ll be juicing a lot of fruits then its money worth spending for. It’s probably the most ideal juicer for commercial use. It’s durable, quick, powerful, and easy to clean. Now Green Star on the other hand is the best you will ever find for juicers under the $900 price mark. So, if you are going to be juicing at home for personal consumption then this is the one you want.

Picking Your Juicer

The battle between the Super Angel Juicer and the Green Star Elite all boils down to preferences and purposes. The former is a bit costly but it is the primary choice for juicing lots of fruits in a short period of time. Some say it even juices 10% more extract than the average juicer. The latter on the other is the more affordable choice and is just perfect for people who want to get their fresh juices at home.

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