The best juicer, does it exist?

by Jenny Asturias

This is a question that gets asked on a frequent basis. There are so many different types of juicers on the market, and they all have different features. Let’s narrow down our discussion to several categories.

The Best Juicer For Clean Up

Let’s look at the clean up first. Why the clean up? If you juice every day, you start to develop a routine. Each part of the routine takes “x” amount of time. If one juicer takes you 5 minutes to clean and the other one takes 15 minutes, that is a big difference. You need to consider this when you are shopping for a juicer. If you do not use it very frequently, then this may not be a issue for you.

The Best Juicer For Extraction

Some models leave a lot of of “juice on the table.” These are the models that will run up your juice bill’s for the month. If you go through 30% more produce to make your juice, then you are spending 30% more than you need to. An efficient juicer will save your wallet. Some juicers may be $100 to $200 more than others, but if they cost you an extra $20 to $30 a month, the savings add up very quickly.

The Best Juicer For Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, you want a juicer that does not heat up the juice. Also, you do not want much foam. The best juicer for this are the Twin-Gear style of juicers. These ones turn very slowly, and operate at very low RPM’s. But, they are very expensive! For some, this style of juicer is out of their range. A good alternative is to go with the masticating or slow auger style of juicer. These do not heat up the juice very much, and they are lower in price than the Twin-Gear models.

For more information about the different styles of juicers, click here.

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