What To Look For In A Smoothie Maker

by Jenny Asturias

Before we get down to the business of picking up a smoothie maker, we need to look into what features you want and need. Some of the factors you should consider are the price, the speed, and the size. Making smoothies is one of the best ways you can absorb all of the fiber of the fruit, which is great for improving your health.

What size is ideal for a smoothie maker?

If you are only making a smoothie for yourself, then you do not need a large blender. There are a lot of small, one glass or cup sized blenders that will do the trick. With these small units, you can quickly make a small smoothie in a few minutes. Another type of blender that works great for making a small smoothie is a immersion blender. It is a small hand held blender that you stick into a cup or glass. Then you can blend it up, right in the container. Most of the major blender manufacturers have one of these types of units. The only downside is that they usually do not have a lot of power, so if you are trying to grind up something that is very thick, it will have a hard time.

What is the ideal speed of a smoothie maker?

I really like the high end models, like the one made by Vitamix. It has a lot of power, and can blend up a smoothie in about 5 to 10 seconds. The other key element is having multiple speeds. Most of the models I prefer have a pulse button, which is good for breaking up ice or fruit and gives you a way to control how fast you are breaking up your ingredients. If you want a model that can juice and blend, look at the Breville Juice And Blend. It can do both.

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