Z-Star Manual Juicer (Z-510)

by Jenny Asturias

 Z-Star Manual Juicer (Z-510) We are driven to take fruits in the hope that we get the necessary amount of vitamins needed to keep our bodies healthy. Those who may not be able to take the fruits may decide to take them in the form of juice. In such cases, it is advisable for you to get a good juicer.

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At the moment, the Z-Star Manual Juicer (Z-510) stands head and shoulder above other juicers. It is praised for the ability it has to carry out efficient juicing. This particular juicer can extract juice from wheat grass. It uses a single auger design that allows it to extract juice efficiently and gently without having to use electricity.

The Z-Star Manual Juicer (Z-510) allows you to extract juice from vegetables, fruits or wheat grass without having to worry how much you will be able to extract. Any time you decide that you want to enjoy fresh juice, this is the juicer for you.

The main features associated with the Z-Star Manual Juicer (Z-510) include:

  1. One year warranty.
  2. The device is also quite light weighing a paltry 6.5 lbs.
  3. It is 13 x 11.5 x 5 inches in size.
  4. Comes with a pulp and juice container.
  5. It also has accessories such as juicing nozzle, homogenizing screen, juicing screen and plastic plunger all which ensures it works efficiently to produce juice.


  1. This device does not need electricity to operate. This is because it can be operated manually powered by the strength of your arm.
  2. This juicer can juice vegetables, fruits and even wheat grass.
  3. The device is easy to set up and operate thanks to the good construction.
  4. This juicer extracts juice efficiently leaving the pulp totally dry.
  5. Portable Wheatgrass Juicer.


  1. Since this device is operated manually using the strength of your arm, you need to attach it to a clamp for stability purposes. You need to place it on a flat counter so as to carry out the juicing without a problem. The device is a bit shaky when being operated.
  2. There were some people who complained about the device having a problem when it came to juicing tomatoes. This is because most of the pulp remained on the auger.
  3. You need to cut down the vegetables into smaller pieces before you start juicing for you to make the juicing a bit easier.
  4. The cleaning process is a bit of a challenge for some people. You need to put in quite some effort for you to clean up the stainless steel mesh. The toothbrush used to clean the juicer gets frayed quickly and this makes it necessary for one to change it after three uses. This is an extra cost that many people would rather avoid.


People who have purchased the Z-Star Manual Juicer (Z-510) are impressed by how it works. This explains the good ratings most people have given out. Despite the few complaints, the overall work it does was enough to make them happy. Many found that it is one of the best Manual Wheatgrass Juice Extractor models on the market.

Conclusion On The Z-Star Manual Juicer (Z-510)

When you decide to get a great juicer then it is time for you to try the Z-Star Manual Juicer (Z-510). You will not be disappointed.

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